Scottish Golf Strategy

To view Scottish Golf ‘s new strategy visit SG website

This strategy proposes that the SG affiliation fee will be increased from £11.25 to £24 for each golf club member.  The proposal to be discussed at an EGM to be held on 2nd Dec. Golf clubs who are voting members of SG and the Areas and Counties will be able to vote at that meeting. (If it goes ahead) Clubs have one vote each and the 16 areas and 15 Counties have 10 votes each.

Latest information is that SG have extended the consultation period to discuss their strategy and it will not be finalised and voted on till their AGM in March next year.  The meeting previously arranged for the EGM will now be used as a consultation meeting.  See all info on SG web site .. see link above.

The areas ( men ) and counties (ladies) had a meeting to discuss these proposals.

The minutes of that meeting  follow  17.10.15 Meeting of the Areas and Counties

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